Lecture about Giving and Receiving

From the Japan Foundation, Manila Office:

The JF Manila Lecture Series is in pursuit of Japan Foundation’s objective of enhancing mutual understanding through the promotion of human exchange among those who seek professional encouragement, and further development in the field of Japanese Studies and Japanese Language Education in the Philippines.

The topic for this session is “The Acquisition of the Japanese Benefactive Construction of Filipino Japanese Language Learners”; the speaker is Armina M. Alcala, Ph.D. She obtained her Doctorate Degree in the field of Japanese Language Education from the Osaka University; she was in Japan for five years and came back in September 2008. She will present her doctoral thesis, which determines the problems encountered by Filipino Japanese language learners when they study the Benefactive Construction (“AGEMASU”, “MORAIMASU” and ‘KUREMASU’). She will also have suggestions on how the Benefactive Construction could be taught to Filipino Japanese language learners.

It is a good opportunity for Nihongo teachers, as well as current and future researchers of Japanese Language Education, to know the learning process of Filipino students. We hope that you will join this 40th Session!    Don’t miss it!

*Interested parties will please confirm attendance BEFORE the specified date*
Ms.C. E. J. Aquino (cejaquino@jfmo.org.ph), tel. # 811-61-55 / fax # 811-61-53
Ms.Natsumi Waguri (nwaguri@jfmo.org.ph),  Mr.Yasuyuki Niimi (yniimi@jfmo.org.ph)

If you have time, please include this in your schedule. It will be on January 29, 2009, 6pm at the Japan Foundation Library, Pacific Star Building. The building is in the corner of Buendia Ave.  and Makati Ave.


1 Comment

  1. Pete Sengson said,

    January 24, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Ma’am, kailan po itong lecture na ‘to?=D Tapos, san po makukuha yung ppt re: syntax? Arigatnx!

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