L115 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the remaining of the semester. Take note of the schedule of the 2 exams and the assignments concerning your research paper.

Date    Activity
Feb. 4 Distribution of language data to be analyzed, Transformational grammar reading
Feb. 6 Syntax 1
Feb. 11 Syntax 2
Feb. 13 Syntax 3
Feb. 18 Syntax 4, Submission of Phonological system of the language
Feb. 20    Exam 03
Feb. 25 Semantics 1
Feb. 27 Semantics 2, Submission of Morphological structure of the language
Mar. 4 Diachronic Linguistics 1
Mar. 6 Diachronic Linguistics 2
Mar. 11    Exam 04
Mar. 13 Consultation, Submission of basic patterns of sentences/constituent analysis
Mar. 18 Presentation 2
Mar. 20 Presentation 3

You can consult with me from Tuesday-Friday, 2:30 onwards.


Salamat noong Friday =)


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