L136 Schedule

Here is our schedule for the remaining of the semester. Please take note of the exam dates, and the submission of requirements for your research paper.

Date Activity
Feb. 4 Report of Jeva, Kaye, Mona: Language Games, Syntax discussion
Feb. 6 Syntax discussion
Feb. 11 Syntax discussion, Report of Abie, Jay, Divine: Semantic analysis of Genitive case, Research topic approval
Feb. 13 Exam 03
Feb. 18 Semantics discussion, Report of Pete, Edz, Shey: Boundaries of men and women speech, Submission of RRL
Feb. 20 Report of Alyssa, May, Kei, Semantics discussion
Feb. 25 Semantics discussion, Report of April, Elaine, Jem: Lingusitic analysis of gender identity in manga, Submission of flow of research
Feb. 27 Exam 04
Mar. 4, 6, 11 Consultation
Mar. 13, 18, 20 Presentation and Submission of 1st Draft
G8 (April, Elaine, Jem); G7 (Alyssa, May, Kei); G6 (Edz, Pete, Shey); G5 (Abie, Divine, Jay); G4 (Jeva, Kaye, Mona); G3 (Danna, David, Maan); G2 (Abi, Aya); G1 (Ena, Iji, Mike);


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