Ling 125 Evaluation

We are back! Ang init dito sa Manila ha! I hope everybody was able to rest after the loooong ride back home. 

Let’s get down to business. You received comments when you did your paper presentation, so some of the groups may feel that they need to revise parts of their paper. All term papers should be handed to me (or sir ricky) not later than May 13, Wednesday. I will be in FC 2110 or FC 2117 starting tomorrow. We will be compiling all twelve papers, and we will send it back to Nueva Vizcaya as one research project. Also, please send a soft copy of the papers, since we might need to fix the formatting. 

Aside from the term papers, each and everyone of us should write a summary of our field experience (yes, including us). Don’t make your writing too informal. Also, you need to submit an evaluation of your group (10% of your grade) and the field work. DOWNLOAD THIS and just follow the instructions. You can email the summary and the evaluations and the soft copy of your paper  to my email address:

Everything should be emailed to me not later than May 13. Your grades will not be submitted online if you lack any of these requirements. =)

If you need to contact us, just drop by at the Department of Linguistics. You can also visit this site once in a while, because I might announce some more stuff regarding our class.

Good luck!


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