Applied Linguistics Conference in Taiwan

About the conference:

“The 2011 NTUT International Conference on Applied Linguistics (NTUTAPPLINGX 2011), to be hosted by the Department of English at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) on November 3-4, 2011, will bring together researchers interested in language, discourse, SLA, translation, cultural studies, and other related fields to report new research findings, exchange innovative ideas, and share frameworks in these areas.

This annual international event was launched in 2006 with the International Conference Sustainability and the Literary Imagination: Transdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives as conference theme, where we inquired into ecological issues from a literary perspective. In 2008, we hosted System, Norm and the Societal: A Conference on “Translation Studies as Science” and reflected on the socio-cultural issues behind the activity of translating. In 2009, we deliberated on language instruction, its research and development, at the Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics: the Form and the Content (NTUTAPPLINGX 2009). In 2010, we explored silence in all its dimensions at the Silent & Ineffable: Functions of the Unsaid in Literature and the Humanities, where a total of 30 quality papers were presented by scholars from here and abroad.

This year, we continue this tradition hoping to attract a greater number of international researchers to present research findings in their areas of expertise, with a view to facilitate productive exchanges and fruitful interaction between participants and stimulate new ideas and research directions in their respective fields of study.” (Taken from the conference website, link posted above)


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